How does the program work?

The Madison County Regional Office of Education (ROE 41) is currently recruiting community leaders and interested individuals 19 years of age and older to become Give 30 mentors for at-risk youth. Potential mentors may contact ROE 41 at or call (618) 296-4530. Potential mentors will fill out and submit an application form and are required to attend a Mentor Training Session and to be Fingerprinted for Background Check at ROE 41. This process does not involve a fee. All clean applicants will complete a Mentor Profile Sheet that is used by participating school districts to match mentors with mentees. Upon the need of a mentor, the individual will be contacted and placed in communication with the respective school district’s principal and Give 30 coordinator. The principal will meet with the mentor to discuss school policy guidelines and to decide on an agreeable meeting time for the student and the mentor. The mentor will be asked to Give 30 minutes a week to meet with the student they are assigned to mentor. The duration of the mentoring relationship may be short term or may continue. In either case, monitoring of weekly meetings, including weekly Mentor Log Reports, is ongoing to ensure that the relationship continues to remain healthy.  

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What are mentor expectations?

​Any adult 19 years of age or older who has an interest in working with at-risk youth is welcome to apply to participate in the Give 30 mentoring program. The participants must have a clean criminal background and be willing to abide by school policy guidelines set by the respective school district. All Give 30 mentors are required to attend a Mentor Training Session to learn about the mentoring program and outlined expectations. All Give 30 mentors are also required to be Fingerprinted for Background Check by the Madison County Regional Office of Education (ROE 41) prior to being referred to participating school districts. This process does not involve a fee.​

What are the school expectations?

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Who may be a mentor?

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School administrators and Give 30 coordinators will participate in an in-service prior to the beginning of their participation in the program provided by the Madison County Regional Office of Education (ROE 41). School districts will identify at-risk youth who may best benefit from such a mentoring experience. The school district will request mentors from ROE 41 on an as needed basis. The school administration will keep a file on each case study inclusive of the student, mentor, meeting dates, and mentor/student reports. Likewise, the administration will have the right to determine whether or not the Give 30 mentor is working to improve the performance of the student. The school will reserve the right to discontinue the mentoring experience for any student at any time with just cause. Annually, a review of the Give 30 Mentor Program will occur with participating school districts.
All Give 30 mentors are expected to give thirty minutes a week to mentor an identified at-risk youth. The mentors are to present themselves in a positive way to the student. The key is to encourage students to live a good, respectful life. The mentor needs to be a role model figure for the student. Mentors are expected to engage in dialogue with the youth to discuss school performance, issues at school, issues at home, and issues in the community. Mentors may assist with homework, offer to read an article about an event, or share some career experience. Mentors are expected to keep the relationship professional and at no time exchange e-mail or any social media contact information that could lead to suspicious or inappropriate out-of-school activity. ​